I welcome you to Recipe Bazaar!

Time flies by doesn’t it? I started this beautiful corner two years ago and I am absolutely in love with it. I love the theme, the colors and the friends here. I have also put on a few pounds along the way. But it is now time to move to a new home!

I won’t abandon PPnSH completely but I have decided to continue sharing recipes at a brand new place I am calling the Recipe Bazaar! I hope you guys will join me there. If you are on Tumblr, give me a follow. More importantly, keep telling me about your favorite recipes! Thank you for sticking by, leaving comments and appreciation at PPnSH. I hope to see you guys at Recipe Bazaar! I am very excited. 

Psst . .  a recipe for Filo Parcels is up! Go here: http://recipebazaar.tumblr.com/post/69467623037/vegetable-and-cheese-filo-parcels

5 ways to reuse Vanilla Beans

These Madagascar vanilla beans have to be the most expensive item in my pantry. So you have to understand if I’m having a hard time throwing the skin away once I’ve used all the seeds.


If my vanilla pod came out of a wet custard mix, I give it a light wash and then dry it out completely before reusing it by one of the following five ways:

1. Make some Vanilla Sugar!

The most common method: put your empty vanilla pod into your sugar and voila, you have beautifully scented sugar to soak your french toast in. I love my vanilla sugar. Sometimes I use it to sweeten my tea for that extra flavor. Generally, its a ratio of 2 cups of sugar per vanilla bean. Remember, the longer you keep it in, the stronger the essence.

22. Make some non-alcoholic vanilla essence:

It absolutely annoys me when my vanilla essence disappears too soon. I use it in my french toast, my waffles, my pancakes, my cake and my puddings. There is never enough of it. Well, now there is. Try this non-alcoholic vanilla essence recipe.

3. Grind it to spice your Tea and coffee:

Dry out your bean for at least two days and then grind into fine powder. Mix with your coffee powder or your favorite tea leaves and add a tick to your morning caffeine. Easy, right? Remember to strain your tea/coffee!

4. Put it into your maple syrup:

This one is very effective! Just do it, you will know why.

5. Save it for your Home-made Jams:

While you boil your fruit for the jam, throw your used bean in. Let it boil with the fruit. Just before you blend your jam and add the pectin powder, take the bean out, wash and keep it for another use.

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Let me know how you reuse your vanilla beans. Have a nice day and thank you for reading!

Kashmiri Chai (Pink Tea)

Winters are here, full on. If you live in Pakistan, nothing will fight away the cool winter like a plate of pakoras and Kashmiri Chai. This pink colored tea originates from the beautiful Kashmir where it is known as Noon Chai, which literally means salted tea. When Kashmiris moved to Rawalpindi, they adjusted to the taste of the locals and added sugar to the tea which is why you will sometimes hear the locals call it Pindi Chai.

Kashmiri ChaiI had to beg my mother to teach me the art of brewing the perfect pink tea and she did. Lucky for you, I am passing on the instructions. If done right, this tea will turn out a luscious tea pink color.

Ideally, you want to make Kashmiri Chai with semi-fermented green tea leaves but I have been told they work fine with plain green tea leaves. Although, I have never tried myself. Also, remember, if your leaves have been left out to oxidize, you will never get the luscious pink color. To make pink tea, you will need:  Continue reading

Banoffee Pie for Two

This is a 15 minute dessert, 5 minutes to assemble and 10 minutes to chill in the fridge. That’s how quick it is. You will need a 75 g can of condensed-milk-turned-toffee in your fridge, of course. Other than that, I am sure you have everything else in your pantry.

The thing is I never want to make a large pie, I’d rather have individual pies dessert glasses, ready to serve. Want to make Banoffee Pie for two? You will need:  Continue reading

Ginger and Garlic Turnip Curry

I know what you’re thinking, there is always ginger and garlic in a curry but that’s it – there are no onions in this recipe and the garlic-ginger combination lifts up the flavor of the turnips. Served with some beautiful boiled rice or whole wheat roti, it is the perfect lunch.

This recipe is from my mama and I will be making this for as long as I live, I promise. You will need . . Continue reading

Food Confessions: Weekly Recipe Roundup

I’ll confess, I have been spending way too much time on the internet looking for recipes to quench my foodie thirst. It never seems to be enough even though my food diary is overflowing with favorite recipes and bookmarks. I decided it is time I shared the gems I find every week with you. I know you will appreciate them.

So here are my favorite recipes this week.

1. Chocolate Pound Cake:

This cake from Lemons and Anchovies is sitting on my kitchen counter as we speak. This cake was so tempting, I just had to try. It turned out as good as it looks the pictures; super moist and not too sweet with a dark chocolate after taste. I am in love.

I think I will be making a chocolate trifle with the leftover cake. I am so inspired.

2. Turkish Delight

This time last year, I was in Saudi Arabia and someone gave me a box of Turkish Delights. My my, you know how it feels if you have ever tasted this delicacy. I think it reminds us all of Narnia. I HAD to look up a recipe and this one from Kitchen Chronicles is tempting me.

3. Popcorn Chicken

I am making this for tea tomorrow and I am already drooling. HOLY FREAKIN CHICKEN, I think I might die of happiness if I found a box of this. Bless you, Food4tots, for this recipe.

popcorn chicken, chicken nuggets, chicken fingers, chicken bites, oven baked, baked popcorn chicken, toddler, children, kid

The best thing about this recipe? Its baked! You have all my attention.

4. Spicy Lemongrass and Shrimp Thai Soup: 

THIS SOUP. Shrimps-chili-lemongrass-lime. Enough said.

Even after putting too much salt when I made this, the chili and the heat with it won me over. Its like a punch in the face once you gulp down a spoonful. I am so making this again.

5. Garlic Cheese Bread

Finally, cheesy garlic bread to go with the winter soups. I know all of us love to indulge it this appetizer at Pizza Hut. Next time, make it at home.

Like the recipes as much as I do? Have recoomendations of your own? Let me know in the comments below. Remember, you can email this page to a friend. See the sharing buttons below. Thank you for reading, I shall be back next week.

Yellow Cake Rusk

My family is obsessed with Cake Rusk; my brothers, sisters and cousins love dipping this biscotti-like-cake in tea every morning. One day, instead of driving to the bakery, I decided to bake some at home. The recipe is so simple and these rusks last for weeks (that is if I can resist them while they bake).

The texture and the baking technique is quite similar to a biscotti. In fact, if anything, I’d call it the desi biscotti. This recipe is an adaption of the Infamous Cake Rusk by Hsisters. Here’s what you’ll need: Continue reading

Crispy Potato Crust Tart

Let’s get something out of the way before we start. . . Potatoes don’t make you fat. Let me repeat that for you. . potatoes DON’T make you fat. Did you know there is potatoes are 99.92% fat free? It’s true. However, if you deep fry your potatoes and let them soak all that fat, it will eventually end up on your stomach. So here I am giving you healthier ways to cook potatoes. This one is quite unique; the potato is in the crust.

You can go wild with your savory toppings. I wouldn’t mind eating that crispy crust all by itself. Which ever way you choose, here’s what you’ll need:  Continue reading

Chicken Dumplings (Momos) – Kung Fu Panda/Newari and Tibetan Style

Do you know what we do every year when the entire family is together? We make dumplings! Or as we like to call them. . . Momos. It has been a family tradition for almost 14 years now, passed on to us by the Basanta Family back in Nepal. Bless them for teaching us how to stuff, fold and eat dumplings.

I thought it was time I shared the recipe with you. There are a lot of ingredients to this dish but don’t let that worry you. Once you assemble the ingredients, rest of it is piece of cake. Here’s what you’ll need:  Continue reading