Welcome to Pots, Pans n’ Skillful Hands

Hello, O Curious One. I am a twenty something foodie from Pakistan determined to make you drool and maybe *fingers crossed* get you in a kitchen and cook a meal. This is purely for my entertainment and for all those who love everything food.

Here’s a preview of what’s coming in this blog:

Mustard Chicken with Sausages and Cream Sauce (Click to Enlarge)

Like what you see? Keep checking in. Next post will be the recipe, I promise. 😀

I would like to acknowledge a few of my friends who helped me start this. We all need a kick to get us off that sofa. Yes you’re right, I am on a sofa while I type this but you know what I mean. Mehak for reminding me time and again to start a food blog, you put that bug in my head. Farah for agreeing to do all the photography and for putting up with me 24/7.Aroob for being her witty self and giving me PPnSH (you shall always be my sue chef and my oregano disaster, haha). Scherry, for doing all the graphics for me and for being such a great friend. Nida for constant encouragement and help and also, for laughing ridiculously every time I said “when I was a kid”. Lastly and most importantly, Eissa for all those years of making “Ogra” in the kitchen with me, throwing it out the window and agreeing to do it all over again.

Enjoy and while you’re here, leave a comment or visit my facebook page and click like. Thank you.


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