Around the World Special! It’s Eid-ul-Fitr!

First of all, Eid Mubarak me buddies! I am sitting here profoundly bored. Well, because it is not lunch time yet and I didn’t bake any scrumptious appetizers today. “You are not cooking?!”, you ask? Yes, it is too hot. While it’s raining in Southern Pakistan, it is sadly hot and dry here in the twin cities. I thought I’d give you a tour of Eid Feasts from around the world. Sounds good? Alright, here we go.


Did you know that the Egyptians are big with food? Yes, they love to eat and they make Kahk for Eid which is a super heavy and super sweet cookie. Cookie, you say? Yes, a cookie! It is made with flour, butter, cinnamon and ginger. After baking balls of dough, they are dusted with confectioners’ sugar. My goodness. How beautiful is this? (I am literally drooling.)

Kahk (Photo Courtesy:

Home, Pakistan: 

It is tradition here to make Sheer Khurma on Eid-ul-Fitr. Everyone takes a bowlful of this splendid sweetness before they leave for Eid prayers. Sheer Khurma is a perfect blend of thick creamy milk, roasted vermicelli and just enough sugar to charge you up topped with chopped pistachios and almonds. Isn’t it the ideal morning treat?

Sheer Khurma (Photo Courtesy:

I am having some as I type this. Thank you, Mommy!


Our neighbors love to eat Kabuli Pulao for Eid, contrary to my beliefs. I always assumed they eat the extremely long Afghani Naans everyday (even on Eid) because it is the best type of bread I have EVER had. Just thinking about Afghani Naans makes me hungry but I’ll try this delicious looking rice any day. It is long grain rice cooked in meat, carrots, raisins (among other dry fruits) and loads of spices. Mm-mm, I am making this soon. You may start begging me for a recipe.

Kabuli Pulao (Photo Courtesy:


I love Turkey for one reason and one reason alone: the sweetest people in the world live there. Not so surprisingly, their Eid treats are also sweet. They have Baklava for Eid. It is layers and layers of sweet filo pastry filled with dry fruit, nuts and honey baked in large pans and then cut out like slices of cake. So, I think its safe to say that Baklava is Trukish Cake.

Baklava (Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia)

Saudi Arabia:

Saudis live in extravagance and they celebrate Eid is extravagance. They love chocolates and they love gathering family and friends in style. So it is never one special thing to eat on Eid. They prepare a feast! They make soups, humus, rice with chicken, tabbouleh, sweet rice puddings, strong coffee, dates and ofcourse, the traditional flat bread. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a picture of all this in a single platter so this will do.

Humus with Flat Bread (Photo Courtesy:

Indonesia and Malaysia:

Have you ever had Ketupat? If you have, I envy you. It is what they make for Eid in Malaysia and Indonesia (among other treats). When I found out about these, I was mesmerized. I will show you what they look like first.

Ketupat (Photo Courtesy:

I know you’re in awe. Pretty isn’t it? What’s inside? Tiny delicious rice cakes! Sticky rice is cooked in coconut milk and salt, stuffed in these weaved palm tree leaves and then either steamed or boiled. Such simplicity!


We had Jordanian neighbors a few years back. I never knew what super strong, bitter, hot coffee was like until I’d met them and it was bitter, I tell you. It made my eyes pop. So one Eid, they sent over this delicious lunch. It was a large dish of simple salted rice cooked in stock with a huge mutton leg piece on top. The meat was so tender and simply salted. It was good! I don’t remember what they called it but I believe it was Mansaf, because it looked like this.

Mansaf (Photo Courtesy:

That’s it. My phone is ringing off the hook. More Eid wishes coming my way. I bet you are munching on scrumptious delights while you read this. Leave me a comment and let me know what you guys cooked for this three day festival! Thank you for reading and Happy Eid!


6 thoughts on “Around the World Special! It’s Eid-ul-Fitr!

  1. I want recipe for that humus!!!!!!
    and please put up some yummy traditional pakistani dishes too! Like an almond gravy to have with chapatis! thanks 🙂

      • Chicken naan, Garlic Naan and Aloo Naan my FAVs! I shall love you if you do this thanks! 🙂 Plus I can tell my bhabi to look for nice traditional recipes on ur blog once u start on that part. she LOVES making paki food 🙂

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