The Sad Tale of Tumbling Pies and Beautiful Lasagna

First of all, my apologies to Sama for building up so much excitement and giving her only this. I promised her a Chicken Pie blog post and this is not what either of us had in mind. I don’t know where to begin. I think I should show you the lasagna first.

It was a daring weekend. We decided to make three pies, lasagna, deep fried chicken legs and dahi bhale among other things for this tea party my mommy was hosting. The food was perfection. The ladies loved it but it all came tumbling down for me and here’s what happened.

I have had disasters in the kitchen before. A lot of them. There was that time I tried to make potato cutlets; the potatoes were raw and so were the eggs. It was my first attempt to cook something and my mother casually called it “Ogra” and dared us to finish it (we threw it out the kitchen window and laughed for hours). Few years later, my brother and I tried to make Mayonnaise and well, ten eggs and a lot of oil when down the kitchen sink. A lot of brownies were thrown out, a lot of biscuits, a lot of under-cooked chicken, burnt meat (that left the kitchen with a strong stink for days), cakes, a cucumber omelet (oh yes!), a mango onion salad and deep fired bananas. (I hope my mother isn’t reading this.)

Yesterday was at a whole new level. Have you seen that Friends episode where Rachel and Chandler eat the cheese cake off the floor? Imagine that.

We started the night before. My sister made the apple pie, I made the cold fruit pie and prepared the dough and filling for the chicken pie and we both put together the three lasagna dishes. I documented everything with my camera for the blog. The next morning I had to be somewhere and before I left, I assembled the chicken pie, put it in the oven and reminded everyone that someone had to take it out in a min or so. Someone did take it out and while I was in the car, I got a call that this had happened:

I know, right? I told myself: Never mind, at least I have pictures of the raw pie and all the steps leading to it. AND I had three other recipes. Everything was good.

By evening, I open my computer, attach the camera to it and there are no pictures! I mean, nothing. I saw them on the camera but nothing shows up on the computer. The memory card mysteriously went corrupt and NOTHING was in it. I remove the memory card, re-insert it and try to look at them on the camera but nothing. All of it was gone. You can imagine my frustration. Sigh.

I salvaged some pictures from Farah’s phone and here are the things that I won’t be posting about this week.

The apple pie:

The cold fruit pie:

I even had a separate glass bowl with the cold fruit pie so I could show you the pie layers. When I woke up this morning, I was over it but it still makes me sad that Sama won’t be making any chicken pie today. Sorry, Sama!

SO what did I learn from all this?

  1. Shit happens.
  2. Always remember the five second rule.
  3. When you’re baking in a pop-over pan, place a baking tray under it before you put it in the oven because you or someone else might forget that it pops over and there might be a Rachel and Chandler moment.
  4. Never make a cucumber omelet. It’s disgusting.
  5. Don’t deep fry bananas, unless covered in batter.
  6. If you can’t do anything about it, laugh like hell. (<- Mr. Cook‘s wise wise words! ha!)
That’s it. I promise to get back to these soon. Till then, I will pretend that nothing happened. If you have ever had disasters in the kitchen, leave me a comment below. Thank you for bearing with me!

8 thoughts on “The Sad Tale of Tumbling Pies and Beautiful Lasagna

  1. Awwww sucha sad story! 😦 n somehow cute too :p np maryum i have my fingers crossed for the nxt weekend 😀 n this tym im so NOT excited :p mwah!

  2. Make the lasagna again! It looks yummy

    Once my mom asked me to put a bit of salt in the spinach that was on the stove..i poured in half the salt box in accidentally! Didnt tell anyone..and she found out when everyone was spitting the stuff out at dinner! 😛

  3. I can well imagine your disappointment. Once my husband decided to bake a very special and expensive cake. It had 2 cups of ground almonds instead of flour and a lot of good Lindt dark chocolate. He had one of those baking pans were the side can be loosened and then you can take out the cake on the base, don’t know what they are called. Just as he was about to put that in the oven the base gave (the side must have been loose). It was 11 at night, the mixture was on the floor, my husband was frozen, I was just sitting there with my mouth open. Awww man we just wanted to scope the whole thing up LOL. So I agree shit happens.

    And for first time stories, my mom actually washed sliced okra the first time she was cooking them. You can imagine the goo involved 😀

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