Pavlova Is Love! [Guest Post]

Nothing can describe this recipe better than that title. This is my first guest post, starring the beautiful Chef Rooby! (<- eek! I almost typed Robby there. Almost sorry, Aroob. :D) Rooby, besides being a very talented young lady, also happens to be my oregano disaster. There’s a story behind that which I will share sometime later. She made Pavlova a few days ago and when I saw the pictures I thought that this piece of art has to be shared. I begged Rooby for hours and she finally agreed to type the recipe.

I am kidding, she is a sweetheart. I didn’t have to beg at all. These are layers of light meringue filled with cream and delicious fruit. Want to try this heavenly desert? Here’s what you’ll need. . . in Rooby’s words.

To obtain the masta-piece shown above ^ (just kidding), you will need:

6 egg whites
pinch of salt
275 g/ 1 and a half cups of superfine sugar
625 ml/2.5 cups of heavy cream
1 tsp vanilla essence
2 kiwi fruits, peeled and thinly sliced
250 g of strawberries, thinly sliced
3 ripe peaches, sliced
Fresh Mint leaves to decorate (optional)

Start out by getting hold of three baking trays. Circular pizza trays may be used in case you don’t have rectangular ones. Line your baking trays with butter paper and draw a 22cm diameter circle on each one.

Next, separate 6 egg whites into a bowl and beat them into ‘soft peaks’.(NOTE: It is advised that this step be carried out by a strong pehlwaan who might be handy at the time; your dariver, maali, chaukidaar, bhai jaan or even shauhar may all be used for the purpose of saving the strength in your arms! )

Once the ‘stiff peak’ form is obtained, mix in the pinch of salt. Following this, gradually add 200 g of the sugar into the beaten eggs. Beat the sugar and egg whites until a glossy look is acquired, hence, creating the Meringue.

Then, Fill a piping bag, or just a regular plastic sandwich bag with the Meringue mixture you just made and pipe enough of it to fill out each circle on the baking trays.

Once that is done, simply bake the three meringue circles in a preheated oven (225 degrees F/110 degrees C) for 3 hours. Yes, you read that right, 3 hours is the baking time for the meringue and if you’re an impatient person, this is probably a very good exercise for you to learn the virtue of patience!

Once the meringues are in the oven, you’ll have plenty of time to make the remaining components of this dish, and fit in a short nap too if you like.

Whip together the cream and vanilla essence with the remaining sugar (75 g). Thinly slice the fruits as well.

After the long wait for the meringues is finally over, take them out of the oven, wait for them to cool for at least 10-15 minutes and then proceed to gently separate them from the butter paper. Take extra care to be gentle with them because even the slightest mishandling could leave you with a broken meringue, and it is essential that they be in one piece!

At this stage, all that’s left is the layering. Place the first meringue disc on a serving dish, evenly spread the cream over it, then add a layer of fruits, followed by another layer of cream(if you’re a little health conscious I suggest you skip the second layer of cream!).

Now, simply repeat this process with the remaining two meringues so that you’ll end up with fruit on top!

If you want to be all fancy you can add a sprig of mint at the top of the Pavlova for garnishing purposes! ^_^

and there you have it!

Zee Pavlova is Comp-A-lete!

Bon A petite!


Bon Appetite, indeed! Isn’t that heavenly? Hurry up and whip up some meringues. I am going to. Oh and Rooby added that its best had immediately because if you let it sit for hours, the meringues will soak up the cream and the Pavlova will lose its crunchy texture.

Have fun baking this! Leave me a comment or visit my Facebook page for more pictures. Thank you for reading and most importantly, thank you to Rooby for sharing this!


4 thoughts on “Pavlova Is Love! [Guest Post]

  1. I have tried this pavlova 2 times but that was the big disaster for me,.. can u plzz telll where i had mistaken… When i bake it 3 hours it comes out very sticky and the sugar was separate from the pavlova…

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