Center Filled Cupcakes with Strawberry Cream Icing

I told myself that I would refrain from baking anything until I was done with my assignments but then I watched an episode of GBBO and I was absolutely tempted.

This is a Mary Berry recipe, quite similar to the Victoria Sandwich Cake. I altered the recipe according to what I learned from that GBBO season 2 episode 1. Also includes important tips. Here’s what you’ll need: Continue reading


Chicken Cordon Bleu [Guest Post]

Two chicken recipes in the same week? Woah! You’re welcome. It is time for another guest post! Remember when Aroob made Pavlova last week? She is back with delicious chicken cordon bleu. I am drooling as I type this. It is a lovely sight, isn’t it? Here’s the recipe in Aroob’s words.  Continue reading

Grilled Ginger Chicken Sandwich

Remember when I posted this on the Facebook page a few weeks ago? I never got to actually posting the recipe. I have been partially lazy and partially busy with classes and stuff. BUT here it is, finally. A massive grilled ginger chicken sandwich that will feed a hungry human, very very well.

It is mildly sweet with a punch of ginger and absolutely to-die-for. Here’s what you’ll need:  Continue reading