Creamy & Frothy Cappuccino at Home

Guess who’s back? Yes, I know you’re thinking winter’s back but I am back as well. I was away on a very holy adventure in the Middle East and I brought you treats. You will get to see them soon but before that I am sharing the ever so popular recipe for making creamy frothy coffee at home. In every house of Pakistan, there is a man or a woman who can make this hot treat. It is hand-whipped and will require all your muscle strength (good thing you’ve been working out. yes, no?) and the creamy froth on top is to die for. A must-know-recipe for the winters.

Here’s what you’ll need.

1 flat tbsp ground coffee
1 heaped tbsp of granulated sugar
a few drops of warm water
1 cup of boiling milk

To start, put your coffee and sugar in your mug. The amount of sugar or coffee can be increased or decreased to your taste but keeping it balanced will give you a good whip.

Now add a few drops of warm water to the mixture, just enough to get it all wet but not runny. It should look something like this.

Then, with a strong spoon, start whipping. It will be a little difficult at first but you’ll see it come together. If it’s too dry, add a drop or more of water but don’t get it runny or it won’t whip nicely. Whip until its pale and fluffy.

Meanwhile boil a cup full of milk letting it cream up as much as it can. Then slowly add it to the whipped coffee from a considerable height. Mix it all together and you will see lots of froth gather on top. Your home made cappuccino is ready!

Easy right? Make a large batch of it and store in the fridge so that you just have to boil some milk and your coffee will be ready. Enjoy and thank you for reading!

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