Sorry for screaming with that title but I am so excited that I can’t help it. Don’t let it fool you though – making croissants is a pain. So much waiting, so much anticipation and . .  two sleepless nights. That’s right. It takes three days to make croissants or two, if you hurry. You could just be very Nigella and use store-bought filo pastry and make croissants but it is so satisfying when you make your own.

Beautiful right? Here’s the deal, I am not giving you the recipe. Wait. . . before you start screaming ‘Nooo!’, let me explain. The thing is that before I give you the recipe, I want to try more myself. This was the first time I made croissants and I wasn’t very. . umm . . satisfied. They weren’t as fluffy or buttery as I would have wanted. Nonetheless, I am showing you how I did it and if you’d like to try them, you can head over to finecooking.com for the recipe (brilliantly explained with pictures). Meanwhile, here’s what went down in my kitchen.

Day 1: I mixed together the yeast, flour, salt, milk, water and tiny bit of butter and let it sit in the fridge overnight. Easy.

Day 2: Next day, I took heavy amounts of butter (1 and 1/4 cups), made a very large square of it by flattening it on a butter paper and put it in the fridge while I rolled out the dough from previous night. The dough was pretty hard at this point (the butter makes it soft, worry not). The dough is rolled out bigger than the butter square and they are both rolled in an envelope fashion like this:

I swear there was so much butter, we were having a heart attack just looking at it. BUT, this is exactly what makes the croissants sooo soft. Once the butter was sealed in, I started to roll the dough into a large rectangle. Then folded it in three and froze it for 20 mins. This was done two more times and then, put it in the fridge for yet another night.

Day 3: Time to shape the croissants (the dough rises overnight in the fridge, just so you know). This is the fun part. I enjoyed this A LOT! So according to the measurements on finecooking.com, I rolled them and cut out the triangles and then the small notches at the end (These notches help give the curled shape to the croissants).

Then I started rolling from the larger end of the triangle.

Gave the two ends a twist and then gave it an egg-wash.

If you’re thinking they are going in the oven now, you are so wrong. They need to sit in a warm place for two hours. I told you, there is so much waiting. By this point I was jumping up and down. I needed them to go into the oven and turn beautifully golden brown.  After two hours, the yeast had done it’s magic.

I mean, look at that, look at THAT!! EEEK! Finally, after another egg-wash it goes into a very hot oven at 190 C for somewhere between 20 – 25 mins and voila!

*Sigh* I love baking, I do. I am going to try more croissant recipes and then do a proper post, promise. Thank you for reading!


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