Chocolate and Pistachio Biscotti

Not having anything to eat with tea is one of my worst nightmares. What is tea without a slice of chicken pie, or sponge cake or a thick stick of  biscotto? Tea and snacks make me a happy person and that’s the British talking in me. These biscuits are Italian, though.  The green and brown complement each other very well and I am not just talking about the colors.

I am offended that my browser dictionary doesn’t recognize the word biscotti. Want to try these classic biscuits? Here’s what you’ll need.  Continue reading


Crispy Chicken Honey Wings and Spicy Potato Wedges

I remember the first time that I made chicken honey wings, they were spicy and loaded with soy sauce. This recipe has evolved since then. The texture is crispier, thicker and spicier. Good for a light lunch and absolutely divine when served with spicy potato wedges.

Here’s what you’ll need. . Continue reading

Love and Such. .

The first semester ended today and as we sat rejoicing our temporary freedom, my friend turned to me and said, “You’re not quitting on the blog, are you?” That’s when I realized that I have been neglecting this little piece of love for a few weeks. Let’s be honest, not a lot of people come here. But those who do are very very dear to my heart. For their never ending messages and sweet words of kindness, make this blog worth it.

Thank you; Sehar, Sanober, Alina, Sehrish, Aroob and Zarwah, for trying my recipes and letting me know with appreciation and love.

I know, there isn’t a recipe in this post. ANYWHERE. Still, I wanted to say thank you for sharing your recipes with me and for caring. I do love you for considering a visit to this lonely page, whenever you feel like cooking.

Digital butterflies for you all!

P.S: Recipe marathon, coming up!

Monstrous Breakfast

There is a new photography competition on Facebook called 52 Weeks – A Photography Project. ‘Anyone with a camera handy and a passion for photography, can participate’. The theme for this week: Breakfast. This past Monday or Tuesday, as I was about to bite into my breakfast, my blog photographer (also my lovely sister) stops me, for she wants to take a picture for the project. Here it is.

And here’s the recipe for this massive omelet sandwich.  Continue reading

Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo

*cue the voice of John Hurt* “Young warlock! You are destined . .  to have some. . . Chicken . . . Fettuccine . . . Alfredo today!”

haha, I am sorry. I have been watching too much Merlin. The first time that I ever had a taste of true Italian was at Pappasalis in Islamabad, many many many years ago. I have not turned back since. But let’s be honest. . Italian food can be expensive and we can’t afford to go to a fancy Italian restaurant every time we crave some Spinach Ravioli. That is why we decided we will make Italian food at home. (Thank you, jelly lump, for the recipe.)

This is a complete meal and absolutely delicious. Here’s what you’ll need: Continue reading

Sindhi Biryani and Raita infused with Roasted Cumin

Happy New Year, PPnSH readers! There is something rather odd about Pakistanis, young and old – no matter how much we have eaten all day, we always have an appetite for Biryani. This Biryani recipe has been sent straight from Sindh by my lovely phupho. Whenever she is visiting, we beg her to cook us this meal. In fact, back at her home it is made every Friday.

Sindhi Briyani is tangier, spicier and has potatoes in it.  When complemented with roasted cumin seed and green chili infused Raita, you will be left licking your fingers off . . . .  and your plate.

Don’t let the overwhelming amount of ingredients worry you. This is the easiest way to make Biryani. Here’s what you’ll need: Continue reading