French Apple Pie

I didn’t know what the Hunger Games was up until a month ago. I sat down and read all three books in a week. I am a fan. So while I fed on every piece of the Hunger Games that I could google, I found this: 

I am sure I am not alone when I say Jennifer Lawrence is freakin’ hilarious. Once I got past the adorable cast, I couldn’t help but drool over the mean french apple pie. The minute I heard him say it, I knew I had to bake it. They are right, the French really love butter. It is the crumble on the tart that melts your heart away. . .

Josh: “Brown sugar and butter crumbles..”
Elizabeth: “yes. yes.”
Jennifer: “Ahh oui”

Want to try the JHutch special? Here’s what you’ll need:  Continue reading


Katniss Everdeen Braid – Hunger Games [Tutorial with Pictures]

I always had my hair in elaborate braids when I was growing up and everyone at school (even my teachers) would ask me how they were done. From the detailed braid that goes all around the head to the very simple french braid, I have done it all. It seems braids are all the rage once again.

The braid seen above, put in simple words, is a Dutch braid done sideways. It is very easy to make and quite comfortable as well. Here’s how you can braid this braid: Continue reading

Strawberry and Chocolate Trifle

I started out weeks ago, in search of the perfect strawberry cheese cake recipe. But unfortunately I failed to find the one that Hira and I have been looking for. We want a recipe with the taste of the strawberry cheese cakes at Masoom’s. And since as all my efforts failed, I thought I’d give you guys a healthier but equally indulgent recipe. This one’s for Hira!

When you infuse milk chocolate into the cream, it tastes so different and divine. Here’s what you’ll need. Continue reading

Strawberry Sparkle

Farah and I came up with so many names for this when we were doing the photography until we found the old recipe book. It had the title: Strawberry Sparkle. I believe we came up with this a long time ago. It is a random creation by us siblings and such a hit. The first time we made this for our guests, it was so popular that we had to make another round.

Want to try this fizzy and fruity drink? Here’s what you’ll need:  Continue reading

Pepperoni Mac n’ Cheese

Once upon a time, my brother found this recipe book at a book fair that ought to teach kids simple recipes. We were kids and new to this whole cooking adventure. What was the first thing we made? Mac n’ Cheese. We haven’t stopped since. We now top these with Pepperoni slices and eat right from the bowl till it’s all gone.

Scherry, this one’s for you. Here’s what you’ll need: Continue reading