Katniss Everdeen Braid – Hunger Games [Tutorial with Pictures]

I always had my hair in elaborate braids when I was growing up and everyone at school (even my teachers) would ask me how they were done. From the detailed braid that goes all around the head to the very simple french braid, I have done it all. It seems braids are all the rage once again.

The braid seen above, put in simple words, is a Dutch braid done sideways. It is very easy to make and quite comfortable as well. Here’s how you can braid this braid:

This is the first Skillful Hands post. I don’t just bake, I stitch and sew as well. I wanted to post an apron tutorial a few weeks ago but never got around to it [I also recently stitched myself an Australia themed Laptop Bag because I heart Australia.] Alright, if you haven’t caught up with the Hunger Games phenomenon yet, now is the time. Here is the step-by-step process:

1. Comb through your hair and gather the hair at the top left side of your head.

2. Divide in three equal parts and start to braid, outward instead of inward.

3. Moving towards the bottom right side of your head, take in strands of hair from top and bottom as you braid.

4. Once you’ve reached the end, braid the rest of the hair over your right shoulder and you’re done.

Remember the messier that it is, the better. Want to wear it to school tomorrow?

P.S: Spring is in the air.


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