Chocolate and Strawberry Mini Tarts

There seems to an abundance of luscious strawberries all around. Frankly, I am enjoying this cool weather as much as I enjoyed making these recipes last weekend. This easy one tastes of light custard, crisp chocolate base and tarty berries.

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Spinach, Cheese and Pepperoni Omelet

I don’t like to have omelets very often. I have never been a fan. But when I am in the mood, I always try new flavors. My favorites? Onion and olives, cheese and tomatoes and the new favorite: spinach, cheese and pepperoni. The spinach adds a richness and moisture to the omelet, pepperoni makes it taste so delicious and the cheese. . . well, you know.


It is good breakfast. I have my omelets with ketchup and no bread. Would you like some? Here’s what you’ll need: Continue reading