Devil’s Food Cake (with extra extra chocolate)

Every one loves a chocolate cake; you, me and my mommy. That’s right, she didn’t before this one. I love trying Nigella recipes, they are so much fun. Since I have owned the book ‘Kitchen’, I have been skeptical about this recipe. . . well, until I cleared my doubts with the Queen herself.

I was slightly on the edge about using bittersweet chocolate, well, because it’s bitter. I was leaning towards milk chocolate till Miss Lawson made me realize it will be too sweet. So I went hunting for bittersweet chocolate right after her tweet. Now, I am glad I did. This cake is so so luscious.

I say extra chocolate because layered this cake with as many white chocolate buttons as I could. A freshly-baked cake is like a free-standing canvas, you may decorate it, as you wish.

I am not even going to pretend to type the recipe. You can find it here: in the words of Miss Lawson. For more drool-worthy pictures. . .


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