Rainbow Cupcakes with Royal Icing Animals

Holaa! I love birthdays. Partially because I love making treasure hunts. Don’t worry, I haven’t made one in a long time BUT I did make these lovely cupcakes for a one year old’s birthday party.

Psst . . . there’s a rainbow inside. Want to try this recipe? Here’s what you’ll need. 

The rainbow cupcakes are very easy to make. Just follow my rainbow cake recipe. It will make 12 lovely cupcakes.

Once the cupcakes have cooled down, make your icing. Royal Icing has a nice gloss to it and dries to hard texture once set.

Royal Icing (generously covers 12 cupcakes)

30 gms or one large egg white
1 and 1/2 cup of super-fine powdered sugar
a tsp of lemon juice

Lightly whisk the egg white and lemon juice. With a beater, beat the sugar into the egg white mixture till soft peaks are formed. If you feel like the icing is too thick, add a tablespoon or more of water. If it’s too liquid to handle, add some more sugar. Always remember to keep royal icing covered in some cling wrap for it dries very quickly when exposed to air.

If you feel like you will need extra for decorations on your cupcakes, double the recipe. I was left with a fair amount of icing after I had iced the 12 cupcakes s0 I made some animals with the leftover icing.

To make the animals you will need food colors, piping bags, a plastic sheet and toothpicks.

Pipe out the outline for your animal with black icing. Let it be as thick as possible. Notice how the elephant has a deformed face. . . it’s because I didn’t make the outline thick enough and it broke when I lifted it off the plastic. But no worries. It mends well.

Thank you Eissa for making these. Once you have your icing, start filling in with colored icing. Let it dry and at the end, add the final details, like the eyes, shades or any extra lines. Let your animal cool completely. Then, peel off the plastic, put a little wet icing on the back and stick it on your cupcake.

The finished product. If you have more cupcake decoration ideas, let me know in the comments below. Thank you for reading.


9 thoughts on “Rainbow Cupcakes with Royal Icing Animals

      • after it dries up is it hard on the cupcakes ??
        can you give us A tutorial on making differents topper for cupcakes and cakes with royal icing…as in hearts etc..
        wot shud be the consistency of icing when making shapes etc as topper
        ur help is needed ..thanx 🙂

      • Yep, it sets to a semi hard texture. Let it be thick enough that if you dip your spoon, lift it and let the icing fall, it should form slightly stable peaks before slowly disappearing into the rest of the icing. If still in doubt, dip your spoon in the icing again, slide your finger at the back of the spoon to split a line in the middle and if the icing comes back together, it is too thin.
        I hope that helps. I will definitely do a tutorial soon. You can subscribe to new posts via email. You will the link in the side bar on the main page.
        Thank you for stopping by. Much Love!

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