Home-made Pizza

Ever since I can remember, we have been making Pizza at home. There’s something so gratifying about a slice of pizza that is personalized to your flavor. I love waking up the next morning to find a cup of tea and leftover pizza. This recipe has evolved over the years and I am happy to be sharing it with you.

This is for everyone who has asked for this recipe since I started this blog. Here’s what you’ll need Continue reading


Banana Cinnamon Bread

For reference:

Here is my re-appropriated version of the generic banana bread. It is no secret that I’m a fan of cinnamon; in fact, I have taken the Cinnamon Challenge and made it quite far. I also love bananas (I really love bananas, arguably the most versatile fruit on this planet) and apples – two fruits that can be married beautifully with cinnamon to add a brilliant flavour to your favorite baked goods.

My go-to banana bread is actually an amalgamation of two different recipes and has the extra dimension of cinnamon. It’s a perfect snack to go along with your late night coffee/tea breaks and a great way to get those rotting bananas off your dining table. Continue reading