Crispy Potato Crust Tart

Let’s get something out of the way before we start. . . Potatoes don’t make you fat. Let me repeat that for you. . potatoes DON’T make you fat. Did you know there is potatoes are 99.92% fat free? It’s true. However, if you deep fry your potatoes and let them soak all that fat, it will eventually end up on your stomach. So here I am giving you healthier ways to cook potatoes. This one is quite unique; the potato is in the crust.

You can go wild with your savory toppings. I wouldn’t mind eating that crispy crust all by itself. Which ever way you choose, here’s what you’ll need:  Continue reading


Chicken Dumplings (Momos) – Kung Fu Panda/Newari and Tibetan Style

Do you know what we do every year when the entire family is together? We make dumplings! Or as we like to call them. . . Momos. It has been a family tradition for almost 14 years now, passed on to us by the Basanta Family back in Nepal. Bless them for teaching us how to stuff, fold and eat dumplings.

I thought it was time I shared the recipe with you. There are a lot of ingredients to this dish but don’t let that worry you. Once you assemble the ingredients, rest of it is piece of cake. Here’s what you’ll need:  Continue reading

When in Monal

Hello to everyone traveling to Islamabad – the great city of green beauty. Whoever decided to make this the capital of Pakistan should be honored because its never-ending greenery is the perfect representation of a country that screams nothing but peace. If you have a day to spare, drive up the Margalla Hills to Monal Restaurant where you can eat, relax, buy beautiful artifacts and take in the beauty of Islamabad. Even in scorching summers, Monal will cool you down and with a plate of grilled chicken Kababs and tea, you are bound to forget all your troubles.

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Monal Restaurant is at about a 20 minutes drive up the hills. They have great seating and the best view. The best time to visit is Continue reading

Chessboard Cake [Checkerboard Cake]

My brother calls it the make-shift Battenberg and I guess you can call it that. It has no marzipan on it. It is simply a deliciously moist chessboard cake covered in luscious chocolate icing. So easy to make and what a delight for the eyes.

Looks complicated? It’s as easy as the Victoria Sponge. Here’s what you’ll need: Continue reading