When in Monal

Hello to everyone traveling to Islamabad – the great city of green beauty. Whoever decided to make this the capital of Pakistan should be honored because its never-ending greenery is the perfect representation of a country that screams nothing but peace. If you have a day to spare, drive up the Margalla Hills to Monal Restaurant where you can eat, relax, buy beautiful artifacts and take in the beauty of Islamabad. Even in scorching summers, Monal will cool you down and with a plate of grilled chicken Kababs and tea, you are bound to forget all your troubles.

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Monal Restaurant is at about a 20 minutes drive up the hills. They have great seating and the best view. The best time to visit is late afternoon. Sit there till evening, take in the sunset and watch the city light up right before your eyes. While you’re at it, order some Malai Tikka and Garlic Naan. If its winters, order a cup of warm coffee and a slice of cheese cake.

View of Islamabad from Monal during the day. . . .

and during the night. . .

There is jewelry to buy, carpets, beautiful bags and tokens from Tibet and China. Whatever you decide to get, make sure you pay half the price offered.

Yep, that’s a ring.

This blue necklace was for Rs. 12000 and I don’t even know what that stone is.

And the beautiful Moon. .

Have a great time in Islamabad. Thank you for reading.





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