Banoffee Pie for Two

This is a 15 minute dessert, 5 minutes to assemble and 10 minutes to chill in the fridge. That’s how quick it is. You will need a 75 g can of condensed-milk-turned-toffee in your fridge, of course. Other than that, I am sure you have everything else in your pantry.

The thing is I never want to make a large pie, I’d rather have individual pies dessert glasses, ready to serve. Want to make Banoffee Pie for two? You will need: 

Serves 2:

2 dessert glasses
4 digestive biscuits
1 tsp of butter
75 gm can of condensed-milk-turned-toffee, room temperature (for instructions on making toffee, scroll down to the bottom)
1 banana
whipped cream 
chocolate shavings/ chocolate sprinkles for garnish

1. In a microwave proof bowl, crush your biscuits, mix in butter and microwave for a minute. While still warm, divide the butter-biscuit mixture into your dessert glasses and press down neatly.
2. Slice half a banana in each of the glasses.
3. Open your can of toffee, mix well with a knife and divide equally over the sliced bananas.
4. Top with a layer of whipped cream from your favorite can. Garnish with chocolate shavings or chocolate sprinkles.
5. Refrigerate for 10 min to an hour (depends on how patient you are) and serve.

I hope you enjoy making this dessert as much as I enjoy having it in the middle of the night.

To convert a 75 gm can of condensed milk into toffee :-
1. Remove outer paper of can and submerge fully in boiling water. 
2. Boil for an hour and 15 minutes, making sure that the can is always completely covered in water. 
3. Cool completely and store for months or until you have a craving for Banoffee Pie. 

Thank you for reading. Don’t forget to leave me a comment below.


9 thoughts on “Banoffee Pie for Two

  1. I have to try this out but I’m concerned about the condensed milk turned toffee step! Will it turn the brown color as it shows in the pictures? And whatb

    • What if I don’t end up using all the can.. How do I store the rest? Or I can’t? Should the can be still sealed before I boil it?

      • Hey Rabia. If you’re using a 75 gm can, it will be enough for two dessert glasses. But however, if you can’t find a 75 gm can and you are using a 375 gm can instead, you will boil it for 3 hours. But always make sure it is fully submerged in water.
        If you don’t end up using it all, transfer the toffee from the can to any air tight container and store in fridge. It will stay in the fridge for quite long.

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