I welcome you to Recipe Bazaar!

Time flies by doesn’t it? I started this beautiful corner two years ago and I am absolutely in love with it. I love the theme, the colors and the friends here. I have also put on a few pounds along the way. But it is now time to move to a new home!

I won’t abandon PPnSH completely but I have decided to continue sharing recipes at a brand new place I am calling the Recipe Bazaar! I hope you guys will join me there. If you are on Tumblr, give me a follow. More importantly, keep telling me about your favorite recipes! Thank you for sticking by, leaving comments and appreciation at PPnSH. I hope to see you guys at Recipe Bazaar! I am very excited. 

Psst . .  a recipe for Filo Parcels is up! Go here: http://recipebazaar.tumblr.com/post/69467623037/vegetable-and-cheese-filo-parcels