Banoffee Pie for Two

This is a 15 minute dessert, 5 minutes to assemble and 10 minutes to chill in the fridge. That’s how quick it is. You will need a 75 g can of condensed-milk-turned-toffee in your fridge, of course. Other than that, I am sure you have everything else in your pantry.

The thing is I never want to make a large pie, I’d rather have individual pies dessert glasses, ready to serve. Want to make Banoffee Pie for two? You will need:  Continue reading


Banana Cinnamon Bread

For reference:

Here is my re-appropriated version of the generic banana bread. It is no secret that I’m a fan of cinnamon; in fact, I have taken the Cinnamon Challenge and made it quite far. I also love bananas (I really love bananas, arguably the most versatile fruit on this planet) and apples – two fruits that can be married beautifully with cinnamon to add a brilliant flavour to your favorite baked goods.

My go-to banana bread is actually an amalgamation of two different recipes and has the extra dimension of cinnamon. It’s a perfect snack to go along with your late night coffee/tea breaks and a great way to get those rotting bananas off your dining table. Continue reading

Afghani Andaa [Egg Bake]

Are you tired of the same old sehri/sahoor every Ramadan? Want to try something new? I have Afghani Andaas for you. You get a fried egg and the aroma of a khagina in one dish. So simple and so good to eat. You don’t necessarily have to bake it even though baking is relatively quicker, there’s an easier way to go by.

Here’s what you’ll need: Continue reading