Ginger and Garlic Turnip Curry

I know what you’re thinking, there is always ginger and garlic in a curry but that’s it – there are no onions in this recipe and the garlic-ginger combination lifts up the flavor of the turnips. Served with some beautiful boiled rice or whole wheat roti, it is the perfect lunch.

This recipe is from my mama and I will be making this for as long as I live, I promise. You will need . . Continue reading


Yellow Cake Rusk

My family is obsessed with Cake Rusk; my brothers, sisters and cousins love dipping this biscotti-like-cake in tea every morning. One day, instead of driving to the bakery, I decided to bake some at home. The recipe is so simple and these rusks last for weeks (that is if I can resist them while they bake).

The texture and the baking technique is quite similar to a biscotti. In fact, if anything, I’d call it the desi biscotti. This recipe is an adaption of the Infamous Cake Rusk by Hsisters. Here’s what you’ll need: Continue reading

Afghani Andaa [Egg Bake]

Are you tired of the same old sehri/sahoor every Ramadan? Want to try something new? I have Afghani Andaas for you. You get a fried egg and the aroma of a khagina in one dish. So simple and so good to eat. You don’t necessarily have to bake it even though baking is relatively quicker, there’s an easier way to go by.

Here’s what you’ll need: Continue reading

Spicy Ginger Steak with Tangy Tomato Sauce, Potato Wedges and Steamed Veggies

Oh how wonderful it feels when to serve up a massive plate of home made steak! I have never been a big fan of beef so I always prefer chicken but you can always either way. I came up with this great ginger marination that is served with a tangy tomato sauce and jalapenos. Oh so, delicious!

It’s preferred if you marinate the chicken overnight or 8-12 hours in the fridge but you could do this an hour early too! Here’s what you’ll need:  Continue reading

Fish Kabaabs

I remember watching BBC Food a few years ago. There was a British home, an old woman, rain, tea and fish cakes. I can’t recall who the chef was but I remember the (then unfamiliar) combination of fish and potatoes. I was tempted. Since then, these have evolved into a desi version of a tea time snack.

I am starting to understand there is more British in me than I ever realized. My love for baking starts and ends with BBC Food. Anyways, here’s what you’ll need to make the tempting treat seen in the picture above. Continue reading

Sindhi Biryani and Raita infused with Roasted Cumin

Happy New Year, PPnSH readers! There is something rather odd about Pakistanis, young and old – no matter how much we have eaten all day, we always have an appetite for Biryani. This Biryani recipe has been sent straight from Sindh by my lovely phupho. Whenever she is visiting, we beg her to cook us this meal. In fact, back at her home it is made every Friday.

Sindhi Briyani is tangier, spicier and has potatoes in it.  When complemented with roasted cumin seed and green chili infused Raita, you will be left licking your fingers off . . . .  and your plate.

Don’t let the overwhelming amount of ingredients worry you. This is the easiest way to make Biryani. Here’s what you’ll need: Continue reading

Farah’s 5 Minute Paratha Roll

This is my sister Farah’s recipe, result of numerous late-night adventures. It is excellent for those who live in hostels or ladies, dudes and bachas that live alone. First, let me just lay it out for you.

  1. Farah loves BBQ. I don’t.
  2. Farah loves excessive mustard. I don’t.
  3. Farah loves excessive Jalapenos. I don’t.
  4. Farah always loves to eat late at night. I don’t.
  5. Farah is a perfectionist. I am not.
  6. Farah thinks you’ll be throwing up by the end of this recipe. I think you’ll be drooling.
  7. I will obviously win.
Like what you see? Here’s what you’ll need.  Continue reading

Painted Pots and Golden Jalebis

There are days when I crave Jalebis so much that I end up looking for recipes. It is virtually impossible to find one on the internet or at least one worth trying. A friend of mine has been begging me for a recipe for years now and the least I can do is let you know of the best Jalebis made in Pakistan. This one comes from the high mountains and the beautiful weather of Nathia Gali. These golden crisp Jalebis are instant heart-warmers.

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