Banoffee Pie for Two

This is a 15 minute dessert, 5 minutes to assemble and 10 minutes to chill in the fridge. That’s how quick it is. You will need a 75 g can of condensed-milk-turned-toffee in your fridge, of course. Other than that, I am sure you have everything else in your pantry.

The thing is I never want to make a large pie, I’d rather have individual pies dessert glasses, ready to serve. Want to make Banoffee Pie for two? You will need:  Continue reading


Crispy Potato Crust Tart

Let’s get something out of the way before we start. . . Potatoes don’t make you fat. Let me repeat that for you. . potatoes DON’T make you fat. Did you know there is potatoes are 99.92% fat free? It’s true. However, if you deep fry your potatoes and let them soak all that fat, it will eventually end up on your stomach. So here I am giving you healthier ways to cook potatoes. This one is quite unique; the potato is in the crust.

You can go wild with your savory toppings. I wouldn’t mind eating that crispy crust all by itself. Which ever way you choose, here’s what you’ll need:  Continue reading

Potato, Onion and Cheese Mini Pies

I am addicted to good tea, i’ll admit. It always puts me in a good mood but tea is so much better if served with a sweet or savory snack. This pie is one of them and it comes from “How to Be a Domestic Goddess” by Nigella Lawson which is one of the best books I own. I cherish it; I keep it covered in plastic wrap in a cupboard. If I there was a fire and I could save five things, this would definitely be one of them.
I have slightly altered the filling to my taste. Also, the pastry is flaky which Nigella uses for most her pies. You’ll love it.  Here’s what you’ll need.

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