Fruits You Must Try Before You Die

We’re such processed-food junkies that we forget to enjoy the most natural flavors around. I keep telling myself I will eat healthier and well, this is my attempt. I have explored new flavors and these are the Top 3 Fruits you MUST try before you die.

3. Dragon Fruit

Locally known as pitaya, it gets the lovely name from its beautiful fire-like colors. You cut them open and inside there is a soft flesh covered in seeds that look much like Nigella seeds. The flesh color can range from a bright white to a deep purple, quite like the color on its outer skin. A  knife easily slits though it and the flesh just peels off the skin. They are sweet in flavor and you get a little crunch from the seeds.

I can at best relate their flavor to a lychee.  But in fact, they are far from a lychee. This beautiful exotic fruit belongs to Cactus family. They grow on Cactus like trees and if you have ever seen one, you’d realize they also look a little like banana trees. Right?

I think they would taste great in a piña colada; I might just try some. Up next. . .

2. Sindhri Aam

This breed of Mango is by far the best one I have ever tasted in my life. Every year, we wait for summers to enjoy the dense flavor of a Sindhri Aam. I have said it before and I will say it again: you have never really tasted a mango until you’ve tasted a Sindhri Aam. Best word for this fruit? LUSCIOUS! It is lusciously sweet and leaves you a happier person than ever before.

It is found mainly in the Lower Sindh areas of Pakistan and they can be bigger than the size of your palm. They are ripe when they turn a beautiful yellow and taste best when chilled. To eat a mango, run a knife 1/3 of the way length wise; right above the seed. Then slit in a few horizontal and vertical lines.

and pop out the flesh. After that you may use a spoon to scoop out the chunks or just dig in with your teeth.

I am drooling as I type this. I will go have some for breakfast. If you have never tasted this one before, you’re missing out on one of the true pleasures of life.

1. Mangosteen

Ugly on the outside but sweet heaven on the inside. This one tastes nothing like a mango. In fact, I have not quite figured out what it tastes like. The flavor is so vibrant, fresh and unique. At best, I can relate the flavor to a pineapple and maybe a peach  and hint of an orange but from miles away. The many times that I have tried this fruit, I have been lost for words. This fruit is high in iron content and apparently, foodies around the world are really enjoying its juice. Someone needs to package some and ship it to me.

This tropical fruit originated from Indonesia and will always be found in a wet tropical land. How to eat it, you ask? Run a knife through it’s circumference; the fresher it is the easier it will cut. And just pull off the hard exterior.

Let your eyes feast on that beauty above. You can pull out the orange-like wedges and if they are really fresh, they will melt in your mouth. Sweet bliss!

What are you waiting for? Go out and hunt for these fruits. If you have tasted any other unique fruit that you think I should try, let me know in the comments below.