5 ways to reuse Vanilla Beans

These Madagascar vanilla beans have to be the most expensive item in my pantry. So you have to understand if I’m having a hard time throwing the skin away once I’ve used all the seeds.


If my vanilla pod came out of a wet custard mix, I give it a light wash and then dry it out completely before reusing it by one of the following five ways:

1. Make some Vanilla Sugar!

The most common method: put your empty vanilla pod into your sugar and voila, you have beautifully scented sugar to soak your french toast in. I love my vanilla sugar. Sometimes I use it to sweeten my tea for that extra flavor. Generally, its a ratio of 2 cups of sugar per vanilla bean. Remember, the longer you keep it in, the stronger the essence.

22. Make some non-alcoholic vanilla essence:

It absolutely annoys me when my vanilla essence disappears too soon. I use it in my french toast, my waffles, my pancakes, my cake and my puddings. There is never enough of it. Well, now there is. Try this non-alcoholic vanilla essence recipe.

3. Grind it to spice your Tea and coffee:

Dry out your bean for at least two days and then grind into fine powder. Mix with your coffee powder or your favorite tea leaves and add a tick to your morning caffeine. Easy, right? Remember to strain your tea/coffee!

4. Put it into your maple syrup:

This one is very effective! Just do it, you will know why.

5. Save it for your Home-made Jams:

While you boil your fruit for the jam, throw your used bean in. Let it boil with the fruit. Just before you blend your jam and add the pectin powder, take the bean out, wash and keep it for another use.

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Let me know how you reuse your vanilla beans. Have a nice day and thank you for reading!