Ginger and Garlic Turnip Curry

I know what you’re thinking, there is always ginger and garlic in a curry but that’s it – there are no onions in this recipe and the garlic-ginger combination lifts up the flavor of the turnips. Served with some beautiful boiled rice or whole wheat roti, it is the perfect lunch.

This recipe is from my mama and I will be making this for as long as I live, I promise. You will need . . Continue reading


Fish Kabaabs

I remember watching BBC Food a few years ago. There was a British home, an old woman, rain, tea and fish cakes. I can’t recall who the chef was but I remember the (then unfamiliar) combination of fish and potatoes. I was tempted. Since then, these have evolved into a desi version of a tea time snack.

I am starting to understand there is more British in me than I ever realized. My love for baking starts and ends with BBC Food. Anyways, here’s what you’ll need to make the tempting treat seen in the picture above. Continue reading